Members of the EQUALITY Team attended the 33rd Annual Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) Conference, held in Portland, Oregon from September 24-26, 2015.

Danielle German was selected for a panel presentation about patient perspectives on methods for sexual orientation and gender identity data collection in the emergency department.

Ryan Shields presented a poster entitled,  "Documentation of sexual orientation and gender identity data in electronic health records during emergency department encounters: patient and provider perspectives."

fifth sab meeting

Thank you all for attending the fifth SAB meeting last week! There was a lot of discussion around the qualitative data and we appreciate all of your feedback and insight. We are excited to start combining this in-depth data with what we collect from the surveys. 

survey updates

The survey instrument for both provider and patient participants have been finalized and we are working with the survey research company to program the questions. We are looking forward to having the surveys in the field within the next two weeks! The updated survey instrument can be found in Team Resources for all SAB Members. 

transgender participation

From early analysis of the qualitative data, we have found a wide range of responses from trans interviewees. In order to help flush out some of the major themes, we were approved by the IRB to interview more transgender participants. Look for further recruitment of trans interview participants from the Baltimore and D.C. area in the new year!